Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Going To Penalties!

The annoucement that the bottom two S-league teams will face penalties has indeed received a lot of "interest". As we all know by now, the team that finishes last in the 13-team league next season will face a S$50,000 penalty, while the 12th-placed side will be S$30,000 poorer.

If S-League Chief Executive Lim Chin thinks that "stiff penalties, not just a slap on the wrist" will encourage good performance, I think the same "carrot-and-stick approach" should be applied to the S-League management as well.

Why not impose a penalty to the management if S-League attendance do not meet targets?

Perhaps if the average S-League attendance do not meet 5000, the attendance requirement for Asian Champions League, fine the S-League management $50,000. $40,000 if average attendance is 4000 and so on...

If the average S-League attendance goes beyond 5000, increase their bonuses.

The funds collected can be used to help S-League clubs struggling financially, especially if they end up in the bottom two of the league.

In the absence of a promotion-relegation system, perhaps a "calculated change" to put more pressure on the S-League management is "better for the league than just sticking to what we've had before".

I think the quantum of the penalties is painful enough to force the S-League management to put the effort to do well. They should be allowed to make "phased payments" out of their salaries in the following year.

I hope this proposal will be considered.

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