Friday, January 4, 2013

When Is The Opening Match Of The 2013 S.League?

On New Year's Day, some S.League fans went out to give out flyers to promote their S.League clubs.

I wonder if anyone asked them, "When's the next match?"

Till now, there're no news of the 2013 S.League fixtures in the newspapers, TV news and the S.League website.

I wonder when was the S.League website last updated. Worse are the clubs websites. It seems that only Albirex and Balestier update their websites regularly. Our reigning league champions do not have an offical website. The HGFC offical website still showed information up till July 2012.

If the S.League management keeps delaying, people will just forget S.League again. The sacrifice of these fans will go to waste.

Perhaps they may be better off spending their New Year's Day with their families.

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