Monday, January 24, 2011

Free Membership!

I signed up as a HUFC member last Saturday. Paid $18 for a 3 year membership. While waiting for my receipt, I played with the jackpot machines and managed to make some profit and covered the cost! =)

I suggest that the clubhouse can be decorated with club merchandise. I hope there will be merchandise made available for sale too. Other than replica jerseys, why not offer flags, scarfs and lanyards? The kit sponsor perhaps can offer promotions on it's products. Since the club is offering season tickets, why not put up posters to advertise? Perhaps throw in a free goody bag with every season ticket purchased. Etoile did that last year and gave away T shirts which were worn by fans. The fans became walking advertizing boards for Etoile!

The fences around the stadium looks empty and perhaps the club can invest on some giant banners to catch the attention of people driving past. 

Glad that the club has updated the logo around the stadium and painted part of it with the new club colours. I can't help but notice that the new club colours blends with the colours of some of the flats around the area. It reminded me of the football clubs I've visited in UK. The residential areas around the football club adopt the clubs colors too.

I am looking forward to the start of the season and hope the club considers some of my suggestions.

Go Cheetahs!

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