Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Hougang Revolution

As the season comes to a close, I reflected on the wonderful season this has been as a Cheetah's fan. I must say that the revolution of the club really went well, with the improvement in the match experience and the performance of the team. I think our match attendance even beat many other S League clubs, even the defending Champions (once I read that only 200+ fans attended an Etoile match!). And we had no NSFs "arrowed" to come too!

Our team was resigned to end up the bottom of the table in the past, but is now fighting for titles. I love the fighting spirit the team showed this year.

Before this, I have never followed S League as closely. I am glad that through my blog I've got to know bloggers who share a common interest in local football. HUFC supporters club has also proved that fans of different English clubs can also come together to support a local team. The efforts of the HOOLs have also been noted by the media. It is just short of recognition by S League. (*Hint: Best supporters club 2011?)

It'll be great to build on this season's success and create even better match experiences next season. I hope to see a day when Hougang fans fill up the entire Hougang Stadium grandstand and away fans have to just make do with the cold metal seats opposite, with no shelter.     

It will be good to start selling season tickets now. I'll be one of the first to sign up!

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