Friday, December 28, 2012

Suggestions For The New S League Season

As an fan of Singapore football, I do hope to see improvements in our own league. I do hope to see the following happening in the next season of the S league.

1. S League Preview Show

I enjoyed watching the highlights shows of the 2012 season. It’ll be good to have a preview show similar to that of the BPL and Bundesliga, and featuring S League players and coaches.

2. More Banners Promoting S League Clubs

Community centres are where residents gather and having a simple banner there will increase publicity. I would love to see a Hougang United banner at all community centres in Hougang.

3. Make S League Matches Community Events

Market every home match as a community bonding event where MPs and grassroots leaders can interact with residents. When I watched football matches in UK, I noticed many people sitting around me know one another. They gather regularly during the home matches.

4. Matches Shown LIVE on Channel 5

No more tuning the TV to some unfamiliar frequency.

5. More Highlights of Lions, LionsXII, S League Matches In The News

Why show highlights of other football leagues eg, Dutch, Argentinian in News 5 tonight?

6. Give Priority in the Sports Pages of Straits Times To Local Football Over BPL

I don’t see The Sun or The Daily Telegraph reporting S League news ahead of BPL. (I don’t find any S League news anyway)

7. S League Phone App

If there’s a budget for Marquee players, surely there’s some money for this?

8. Online Ticketing

It’s embarrassing that Singaporeans only have the option of queuing up to buy match tickets of LionsXII and National team matches.

9. Official Merchandise Store

Hope there’s a small shop at Jalan Besar Stadium that open on match days and sells National Team, LionsXII, SLeague, Singapore football related merchandise. Like what’s done in the BPL, meet-the- player sessions can be held at the store. The store can be a ticket collection point for people who book tickets online too.

10. Market S League To Tourists

Please make watching S League matches one of the “must do” things in Singapore. I’ve brought my overseas friends to S League matches and they enjoyed it. I’ve also seen tourist buying S League jerseys at the Weston Corporation in Peninsula Plaza.

11. Foreign Team

Have a team from the academies of popular English clubs to compete in the S League. Judging from the attendance at the NEX Lions Cup, having such a team should attract more fans to attend the match regularly. For example, a team from the Arsenal Soccer School Singapore can compete in the S League as Arsenal (Singapore).

12. Marquee Signing

I hope to see Grant Holt play in a Hougang shirt (Someday).

I look forward to the new S League season. Cheers!

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